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Re: Bird books

In a message dated 7/3/00 7:11:53 PM, dbensen@gotnet.net writes:

<< Does anyone know of any books about (or largely including) Mesozoic avian
birds?  There's gobs of material on the non-avian type, but everything seems 
stop once one gets past Archaeopteryx.  The only book I know of that deals 
Mesozoic avians specifically and with detail is Chatterjee's the Rise of 
and I have that one.  Does anyone know of any others? >>

One of the reasons Fedduica[sic] got into a fight with the cladists is that 
he was for many years the only person actually interested in mesozoic birds 
and evolution. His first book on the subject "The Age of Birds" is a 
brilliant work, and his latest is a facinating read. It's the only place 
where I've seen reconstructions of enornorthine [sic] birds. The rest of the 
books are on the controversy and spend very little time on fossil birds 
themselves. Y'know.....Birds are DINOSAURS!!!!!!!, therefore living birds 
aren't interesting in themselves, only as dinosaur decendents.

eric l.