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Re: Feasting on large dead animals... Re: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

> Obviously a brachiosaur carcass could not stay fresh for an entire year
:-), but what I was trying to imply was this: theropod dinosaurs did not
eat as much meat as some people may think.  We were debating on how
Suchomimus could evolve, living along the water with other giant
crocodilians.  I brought up the point that, in fact, Suchomimus did not
have to spend that much time in the water after all, as it would likely
only need to hunt about 200 times a year (if that).  Of course, if it was
full after eating a giant fish, then the carcass of that fish would not
stay fresh forever, unless buried in a glacier........
> Steve
I think it's safe to assume that Suchomimus (and spinosaurs in general)
were like other theropods, in that they were opportunists , and fed on what
was safely available . There were ornithiscians and sauropods in the same
environment , which probably supplemented the Suchomimus diet in the form
of carrion from the larger forms , and live prey items from the smaller .
Suchomimus would not have needed to spend a lot of time fishing in
dangerous waters . It also appears well adapted to eating carrion , with
its long snout and large claws , suitable for ripping open a week-old
carcass .
Regards , 
Truett Garner