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PALEONEWS: fire at Dinosaur National Monument

This is a CNN custom news article.
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Fires Continue in the West

(Craig, Colorado-AP) -- Strong winds, tinder-dry brush and hot weather
are fanning wildfires in Colorado. 

A blaze at the Dinosaur National Monument has grown to nine-thousand
acres while a fire near Gateway has hit the three-thousand-acre mark. 

So far, no structures have been damaged by the Dinosaur blaze. But
firefighters are concerned that strong winds could send sparks across
the Dolores River and threaten buildings in a wildlife Refuge. 

In addition to crews on the fire lines, firefighters are using air
tankers, fire engines and helicopters to try to contain the blazes. They
say it will be several days before they have things under control. 

Meanwhile, a third fire has consumed about 200 acres of land about 50
miles southwest of Rangley, Colorado. 


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