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Re: _Pyroraptor_

>>This is Nqwebasaurus thwazi. It's on the front cover of the latest JVP; I 
believe this is the dinosaur that was nicknamed "Kirky," since it's from the 
Kirkwood Fm, Algoa Basin, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Very nice 
material, though far from a complete skeleton.<<

Indeed. Preservation seems to be very fine. The paper reports 70% of the 
specimen to be present. To quote de Klerk et. al.:

"The specimen is articulated . . . and includes a fragmentary skull, seven 
postaxial cervical vertebrae, both pectoral girdles and forelimbs, partial 
femora, and both tibiae, fibulae, and pedes. The dorsal, sacral, and caudal 
vertebrae are largely absent, although some isolated centra and neural arches 
are present. Most of the pelvis has been eroded away, although the pubic 
shafts remain."

The fragmentary skull includes the frontals, a parietal, an incomplete 
basicranium, and sclerotic ring.

Caitlin R. Kiernan