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Re: Swimming Dinosaurs

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Leonidus A.K. Giganotosaurus wrote:
> Do any known dinosaurs show any ability for swimming? Not as a single
> [...]
> And while sauropods as purely aquatics has been discounted, could they
> swim? I remember one picture in a book of mine when I was younger, a
> [...]
> Could theropods swim? While I know smaller feathered creatures, such as
> [...]

I just came across an old (like Science News 3/22/80) article I'd 
kept concerning this. It refers to an article in the 3/14/80 Science.

It covers W. P. Coombs investigation of of some odd tracks that he
interpreted as being made by a carnivorous dinosaur.

There is some more discussion of swimming dinosaurs in Martin 
Lockley's "Tracking Dinosaurs" (I don't recall this being mentioned
in this thread, tho I may have missed it).