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RE: Palms in

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> dbensen
> Apologies if this topic has already been hashed over on the DML,
> but I am asking
> which clades of dinosaurs held their hands birdwise, palms in?  I
> know that
> anything more birdlike then tyrannosaurs did, but what about the
> allosaurs, the
> staurikosaurs, or the prosauropods and ornithischians?  Where does the
> bird-wrist mutation happen?
Sereno has argued (at Dinofest 1998: no, I don't know when the volume is
coming out...) that all theropods held their hands palm-inward.  However, I
have seen handprints on probable coelophysoid tracks, which indicates they
could at least rotate their manus into such a position where the palm faced
downward.  Prosauropod tracks definitely show palms-downward when walking

Off hand, I'd think that tetanurines in general held palms-inward.

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