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Re: Palms in

  I was actually lucky enough to play with a bunch of theropod forearms (cast
and real) with Sereno explaining to me the difficulty of pronation.  He showed
some great examples of mounts where the radius and ulna were turned upside
down, flopped, twisted etc to get that "greedy handed" look that dinosaurs have
been given for decades.
  It is hard to tell from photos how the planes on the distal ends of the
radius and ulna actually are in life, but from what I saw ( me mostly being a
book-learned fellow) the flattend ends prevent the rolling-over motion that our
own forearms are capable of.  As an artist I was bummed out by this
realization, because of the lack of mobility that can create interesting
additudes, but I think after Sereno's paper comes out you'll be seeing a lot
less of pronated forearms.

  David Krentz