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OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)

Hi everyone,

I was recently looking through my collection of old dinosaur books, and
one old children's golden book from the fifties really caught my
attention. I decided to post them for laughs. Here are some of the
things in it:

1.) "Sauropods were so ponderously large that they spent almost all of
their lives in swamps, to hold up their enourmous bulk."

2.) "All dinosaurs were non-intelligent creatures, spending all of their
lives eating and sleeping. They were so stupid that a possible theory to
their extinction was that they just simply died because they weren't
smart enough to change."

3.) "Tyrannosaurus was the largest carnivore EVER to walk the earth. It
grew to well over 50 feet, was over 25 feet in height, and weighed in
close to 12 tons. However, it had tiny arms. The only logical use for
them was to pick its 12-inch teeth."

4.) This is my favorite one: "Stegosaurus was an unusual creature. It
had a double row of plates running down its entire back. Scientists
aren't sure what the use of these plates were exactly, one theory is
that they laid flat against its body for protection. Another one is that
they shot off the creature and buried themselves in the body of its
attacker, much like a modern-day porcupine."

More to come,