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Re: OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)

Chris wrote:

I was recently looking through my collection of old dinosaur books, and
one old children's golden book from the fifties really caught my

I have one of those Little Golden books too. Not the one you mentioned, but similar. Here's what mine had to say:

- "[Brontosaurus'] tail was so far from his tiny brain that he had a separate sort of brain back there to tell his hind legs what to do."

- "[Brachiosaurus] couldn't run. He couldn't fight. When he was frightened, he just his his head."

- "The king of giants was Ty-ran-no-sau-rus rex. A bloodthirsty MONSTER was he."

- "Some [dinosaurs, they say] learned to run and some to swim and some to fly. But not one was intelligent. Their brains were very, very small. Maybe that was the reason for what happened. What happened was this. As the years went by, all those creatures disappeared."

Boy, was I mislead!

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