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choristoderes non-Saurian?

I just started reading David Dilkes 1998 analysis of basal archosauromorphs (in his _Mesosuchus browni_ paper).
He does not even put choristoderes in Sauria (much less Archosauromorpha). Two characters which he uses to exclude choristoderes from Sauria are (1) the primitive lack of crista prootica, and (2) the "shape of the ectopterygoid along suture with pterygoid" being tranversely broad (also a primitive state).
(1) Are either of these characters strong enough to exclude choristoderes from the Sauria? Are crista prootica ever lost secondarily among Saurians?
(2) Can anyone tell me if these character states are primitive (non-Saurian) in turtles?

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