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Re: Palms in

>I speculated here a while back that one advantage of inward-directed,
non-pronating forearms could be their use in a strike equivalent to a pair
of ice tongs, with the hands striking together towards the midline.  The
loss of pronation could, in such a strike, decrease the chance of slippage.
Is there any functional evidence that the arms worked in this way?<

How is the presence (or absence) of a semilunate carpal block related to the
extent to which a theropod could or could not pronate its palms in this
manner?  Is that action solely limited to the morphology of the radius and
ulna?  I'm curious because the speculation earlier on the list that the
"palms in" orientation may be limited to the tetanurines is consistent with
other observations that the presence of a semilunate carpal block is limited
to that clade.