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Dinosaur Footprints Photograph, ca 1924

I've found a photograph of dinosaur footprints in an old book.  It strikes
me that this photograph might be of some interest to the members of this
list, if only for historical purposes.

The caption of the picture reads:
"Said to be the most perfect dinosaur tracks ever discovered.  They were
found and photographed in Arizona, 1924, by Mr. Charles L. Bernheimer, who
kindly allows me to use one of his prints.  The animal had a foot 14 inches
wide and took 42 inch steps."

The foreground of the photograph contains the footprints, which look like
maple-leaf imprints to me, and which continue to the background of the
picture where four men in western dress (stetson hats, boots, and so on) are
seated.  The faces of the men are all shadowed, none are recognizable.

The photograph is on p. 178, "Evolution for Everybody",  Henshaw Ward, 1925,
The Bobbs-Merril Company./ Grossett and Dunlap, New York, New York.

If anyone is interested, I'll crank up the scanner and run off a copy for