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Re:[Re:OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)

Here's some more:
"(pterosaurs's) other front claws were short and hooked and were good for crawling and hanging upside down from branches of trees."

"At the end of the necks were silly little heads much too small for these giants. There wasn't much space for brains. These dinosaurs must have been a stupid lot."

"This reptile was the true 'pinhead' of all time, with a tiny head no bigger around than its neck. The plans on which >Stegosaurus< was built left no room for a thinking machine. This animal must have had almost no brain at all."

Surprisingly, this book "The First Book of Prehistoric Animals", published in 1954, begins to speculate about the dinosaur-bird link.

Here's some more from another book:
"After Bronto finished his dinner, he stood still for a long time. The sun shone onn his back and sides, warming his huge body. Since he was cold-blooded, like all other reptiles, he needed heat from the sun."

"His legs were both big and strong, but their joints were formed by pads of soft cartilage instead of hard bone. The cartilage worked very well in a swamp, where the water supported a large part of Bronto's enormous weight. But his joints would have been crushed and torn if he had tried to walk on land."

That's from "Prehistoric World: Stories of Animal Life in Past Ages" by Carroll Lane Fenton, published in 1954 as well.
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Hey Tom,

Unfortunately the cover and title page were ripped off, so I don't know
the author or the title. All I know is that it was printed in 1957.
However, I'm looking for it, and as soon as I find it I'll let you know.


P.S.- One more: "Dimetrodon was a mammal-like dinosaur that died off in
the great extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period, some 80
billion years ago."

-Boy, were they off.

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