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Re:[Re:[Re:OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)

Hey Rob,

I always liked that theory about sauropods that were so ponderously big
and fat that they needed to spend almost all of their lives in swamps,
because if they didn't their legs would snap under their weight, thus
leaving the torso and neck lying there. Then their weight combined with
gravity would crush their ribs and internal organs and the poor obese
thing would slowly die.

Just a nice thought,

P.S.- Here's one more:

"Brachiosaurus' nostrils were on the top of its head to act as a snorkel
while it wallowed in deep lakes. It was so big that it could not hide
behind trees, so if a hungry Tyrannosaurus came, it would have to go in
a lake or other body of water where Tyrannosaurus could not follow."