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Re: Palms in

It is also suspected now that T. Rex also cared for it`s young in such a way. How then did it "bring home the bacon"?....Either many trips, or it used it`s mouth,....(perhaps regurgitated food).<<<

Presumably an animal that reduced its forelimbs while evolving a five foot long head could manage to bring food to its progeny. I'm unaware. though, of the evidence that suggests any tyrannosaur fed its young. I was under the impression that the large teeth of juvenile T. rex (=Nannotyrannus) were suggestive of having to fend for themselves at a early age.

I still think a better explaination for such restricted movement in theropods in general is a cause of their being secondarily flightless. Once specialized for flight, such bone structure would be hard to unmodify for other uses.<<<

But basal tetanurans don't have well developed semilunates. And more basal theropods probably could pronate their limbs. Are you suggesting that birds evolved after "ceratosaurs" but prior to tetanurans, or are you suggesting that birds evolved flight without a well developed semilunate, and then they and tetanurans evolved them in parallel?

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