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Re: Gorgosaurus as rock CD cover art

there used to be an image of this slab on the Tyrrell website but I
can't find it anymore (and I was looking for it the other day, too).  Is
tehre another clearer picture online of this particular specimen?


> Darren Tanke wrote:
>  FYI,
> The number 1 rock album in Finland right now is the band SENTENCED CD
> "Crimson". On the cover art is a stylized Gorgosaurus libratus that
> Phil Currie and I co-found July 30, 1991 and I was in charge of
> mounting for TMP in 1996 (TMP91.36.500; Quarry 200, Dinosaur
> Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada). This stylized skeleton is
> superimposed over an ammonite. Inside the lyrics book is a picture of
> the skull of Tyrrell's Triceratops (the AMNH specimen).
>  For anyone interested, the bands music is identified as "death metal"
> on an Internet search engine- but it really is more like hard
> rock/alternative, similar to (but less polished) than METALLICA. I
> can't get onto the bands website, but I believe a picture of the cover
> art should be available there at: www.sentenced.org
>  If you buy the CD, there is a file where you can use the cover art as
> wallpaper for your computer.
>  Believe me, I was sure surprised to see my dinosaur on a rock CD!  A
> year ago, I came across a website where some guy into goth has the
> same skeleton tatooed over his left shoulder.
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