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Re: Palms in

I have defended the 'palms in' reconstruction of theropods for  years now.
Just as an extra piece of vital information see Alan Gishlick's paper on the
articulation of the Deinonychus hand, wrist and forearm. Just as Matt Bonnan
and Scott Hartman argued, Gishlick shows clearly that radius and ulna are
locked parallel to each other and overlapping is not possible. The semilunate
bone helps the perfect sideways motion of the hand.
That shows that most raptor restorations (including Jurassic Park) with their
mammal-like arms and hands are wrong.
Concerning T.rex arms... they also were palms-in with the claws facing slightly
outward (divergent from each other). At least that is the way Jack Horner
reconstructed it in the "Complete T. rex".

Luis Rey

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