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Re: Questions

Graeme Worth wrote-

> Can someone who has seen the Achillobator paper please let me know what
> fossil material was found, and also what the citation is?

Achillobator Perle, Norell and Clark 1999
A. giganticus Perle, Norell and Clark 1999
Santonian-Campanian, LC
Bayan Shireh Formation, Mongolia
holotype- (FR.MNUFR-15) maxilla (290.8 mm), nine teeth (to 38 mm, FABL 17
mm), sixth cervical vertebra (34.6 mm), tenth cervical vertebra (51.3 mm),
fourth?dorsal vertebra (53.8 mm), posterior dorsal vertebra, anterior dorsal
rib, mid-caudal vertebra, six distal caudal vertebrae, three chevrons,
scapula, coracoid, radius (260 mm), two manual phalanges (71, 78 mm), manual
ungual (90.5, 112 curve), ilium (531 mm), pubes (548 mm), ischium (378 mm),
femur (505 mm), tibia (490.4 mm), phalanx II-2 (56.4 mm), pedal ungual II,
metatarsal III (234.4 mm), phalanx III-2 (55 mm), metatarsal IV (209.6 mm),
two pedal unguals
reference- Perle, A., Norell, M., and Clark, J. 1999. A new maniraptoran
Theropod- Achillobator giganticus (Dromaeosauridae)- from the Upper
Cretaceous of Burkhant, Mongolia. Contribution no. 101 of the
Mongolian-American Paleontological Project. pp 1-105

Mickey Mortimer