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Re: documentarian seeks direction and advice

There is, of course, already a rather famous documentary film about the
"Sue" story called

The Curse of T. rex

which was broadcast a number of times on NOVA on PBS.

It is still available on home video through the PBS website.

A GROUP of people dug Sue up including Sue Hendrickson, Peter Larsen and
his brother. Only Mr. Larsen was put in jail and it had to do with a
technicality of the tax law and not with anything to do with digging him

The issues involved in the "ownership" of fossils have been discussed
endlessly here and in other places. As I recall there is some extensive
documentation of the legal issues somewhere on the Dinosauria.Com
website in case someone else remembers and can cite the URL.

It's interesting that Mr. Larsen is the person who is "blamed" most
often for the "problems" surrounding this fossil, although he is
responsible for a tremendous body of mainstream paleontological
research.  Yet Ms. Henderson who by her own admission has a more
"varied" field of interest than paleontology is the focus of most
positive media attention.

One wonders at what point the factual scientific issues are clouded by
the demands of headlines.

Perhaps that would be a good subject for a documentary film: where does
science leave off and the irresponsible musings of big media begin?


Larry Dunn wrote:

> --- ELurio@aol.com wrote:
> > You should concentrate more on the fact that the
> > person who dug the damn
> > thing out of the ground was thrown in jail,
> But not, of course, for digging the "damn thing" out
> of the ground.
>  and how
> > some groups want to be
> > greedy and keep all the fossils for themselves.
> In this instance, those groups would be, well, you,
> the people of the United States (apologies to the
> non-US contingent).  After all, we have an interest in
> protecting those child-like personages, the Indians,
> who are not capable of making decisions about their
> own land and thus need their benefactor, Uncle Sam, to
> help them sell off their assets.
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