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Re: natatory Geochelone

James Farlow wrote:
>     "Giant tortoises are capable of oceanic crossings, riding the waves
>     like an inflatable raft, head up, patient, enduring days or even weeks
>     afloat."  David Quammen, 1996, _The Song of the Dodo: Island
>     Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions, Scribner, pp. 121-23.


>     I can imagine an ankylosaur or other big dinosaur patiently enduring
>     such a trip.

Strikes me as kind of dangerous.  Remember, tortoises' bellies are armored ;
ankylosaurs' are not.  If an ankylosaur was just floating there, not
actually actively swimming (and thus essentially unable to get away), it
would have been easy for some shark, sauropterygian or other water-bound
predator to attack from beneath, right in the dinosaur's most vulnerable

Heh.  Maybe that's why so many *dead* ankylosaurs are found in marine

Just a thought.


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