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Re: Sauropod Necks

Hi, All!
    From what I've read, some sauropods (i.e. diplodocids & others with
relatively short front legs, and their center of balance roughly at the
hips) _could_ rear up, when they needed to. Others, like *Brachiosaurus*,
probably could not. The question is, when would they do it? It seems like a
pretty energy-intensive way to reach the goodies, and most of the vegetation
available was pretty low energy stuff, so they might have reserved this kind
of exertion for special occaisons. These might be presented by the arrival
of predators or rival males, etc...
    Imagine this, though - *Mamenchisaurus*, with its long neck, standing
nearly still or moving very slowly forward, sweeping its head from side to
side in vast arcs - gulping mouthfuls of veggies from a huge area, while
expending very little energy at all. The world's first combine harvester!
    My $.02, & I hope it helps,

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