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Re: Sauropod Necks

for that matter, the really big sauropods could probably take DOWN trees
(like elephants do) and eat them perfectly happily with the tree tipped


bruceshillinglaw@netzero.net wrote:
> Hi, All!
>     From what I've read, some sauropods (i.e. diplodocids & others with
> relatively short front legs, and their center of balance roughly at the
> hips) _could_ rear up, when they needed to. Others, like *Brachiosaurus*,
> probably could not. The question is, when would they do it? It seems like a
> pretty energy-intensive way to reach the goodies, and most of the vegetation
> available was pretty low energy stuff, so they might have reserved this kind
> of exertion for special occaisons. These might be presented by the arrival
> of predators or rival males, etc...
>     Imagine this, though - *Mamenchisaurus*, with its long neck, standing
> nearly still or moving very slowly forward, sweeping its head from side to
> side in vast arcs - gulping mouthfuls of veggies from a huge area, while
> expending very little energy at all. The world's first combine harvester!

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