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Re:[Re:OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)

I found some of these in a book from 1978, which was still in print a few
years ago..

"Apatosaurus, like all the other great sauropods, had hollowed out bones
along its spine to make it lighter so that it would float easily in the
shallow swamps where it lived."

These two have to be read in conjunction:

"Because of its [Brachiosaurus] long neck, its head could reach the leaves
of trees as high as three storey buildings."
"Brachiosaurus floated around in the deeper parts of the swamp, its small
head searching for water weeds below the surface."

On sauropods: "If they saw a meat-eating dinosaur they might have become
afraid and begun to move away, but if the meat-eater passed out of sight
behind some trees they would forget about him straight away."      - I can
imagine a panto audience, "Behind you! Behind you!"

"Many dinosaurs could not cope with these great changes and died out
completely. They were replaced by a much tougher and hardier group, the
ankylosaurs." - nothing but? Sounds like a great film, "Planet of the

"Scientists now think that Tyrannosaurus waddled with his back parallel to
the ground and with a remarkably smal step of only one metre. While he
would have loved to eat hadrosaurs and iguanodons [sic], they were too fast
for him to catch, so he would have had to settle for a slower but tougher
ankylosaurus [sic]."

"Protoceratops was a very heavy animal, weighing over 1 1/2 tonnes."

"The most important ceratopsian was Triceratops, which means 'three-horned
         - Seemingly elevated to VIP status..

* From "The Prehistoric Dinosaurs", Jabiru Press, 1978. And with assitance
from the National Museum of Victoria..
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