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Re: Sauropod Necks

>1.  The horizontality of necks in sauropods has only been tested in the
>diplodocids Apatosaurus and Diplodocus.

    When Ken Carpenter mounted the Diplodocus at DMNH (1494), he got to play
with the actual vertebrae rather then a computer simulation, and found that
the zygapophyses allow the neck to be raised considerably above the
horizontal.  The neck doesn't go straight up at the shoulders like you see
in dinosaur toys, but it does curve upwards to raise the head a respectable
distance.  Ken is pretty anal about his dinosaur mounts having everything
articulate properly.
    Does anyone know if the entire list of charges made against Larson is
availible online somewhere?  I don't want to get into a big "Sue" debate,
but it would be nice to have a website to point to when the discussion pops
up.  Jaime is right; Larson did NOT go to jail over Sue.

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