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ichthyosaurs & sauropterygians

I'm pretty convinced now that choristoderes are archosauromorphs (and even Dilkes says the case for excluding them from Sauria is weak).
So I am now tackling the more difficult question of where to place Thalattosaurs, Ichthyosauromorphs (apparently incl. Hupehsuchus) and the Sauropterygians.
Although sauropterygians seem to be saurians, there seems to be a very big split on whether they are lepidosauromorphs or archosauromorphs. And if thalattosaurs and ichthyosaurs end up in the same saurian clade as sauropterygians, there would still be the problem of deciding if all three of these groups form a single euryapsid subclade or not.
Anyone have any particularly strong synapomorphies they feel indicates whether they are lepidosauromorphs or archosauromorphs?
------Ken Kinman

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