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Pygostyle and Megalancosaurus

> And just to round it off,
>megalancosaurs/drepanosaurs have an interesting
>spur-like form of the end of the tail, probably from
>congealed vertebrae and thus a pygostyle, that may or
>may not have served as a brace when climbing or
>whatever. Figuring out what _this_ is may be a good
>series of test. Maybe Sylvio Renesto would be up to

Hello all, I've just subscribed to this list finding it very interesting
and stimulating indeed,

Just my two cents about the quotation of Jaime A. Hadden I reported above:

Both Megalancosaurus and Drepanosaurus show an hooked terminal spine which,
in Drepanosaurus, it seems to be made by the last two caudal vertebrae: the
very last one has a simply spiked shape while  the penultimate caudal
vertebra still shows traces of the outlines of the haemal and of the neural
The terminal spine in Megalancosaurus has been found for the first time in
one of the two new specimens which desdcription will be out by the end of
the month. Sadly, the specimen with the spine is incomplete, weathered and
dolomitized (the other specimen is much better, fortunately).

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