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Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum

I've just put up a page featuring the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of
Natural History at:
            < http://www.oceansofkansas.com/noblemus.html >

The OOK webpage showcases details from the museum's Cretaceous marine
exhibit and from their Cretaceous marine mural by Karen Carr.  I have
also included one token Jurassic dinosaur (_Saurophaganax_) for those
with more terrestrial interests.  :-)  

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum's website is located at:
       < http://www.snomnh.ou.edu/homepage/index.shtml >

Karen Carr's Natural History and Wildlife page is located at:
       < http://www.karencarr.com/index.html >

Karen also has a webpage featuring her work at the Sam Noble Museum at:
       < http://www.karencarr.com/snomnh_gallery.html >

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and Karen Carr's
excellent art work get two thumbs up from Oceans of Kansas.....

Have a good one!

Mike Everhart
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology
< http://www.oceansofkansas.com >