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Re:[Re:OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!! dinosaurs (Humor)


Here are a selection of gems from "A Dictionary of Dinosaurs" (1977,
Piccolo Original Pan Books)

The cover illustration depicts a blue Triceratops engaged in mortal combat
with a sharp-toothed Iguanodon (damn those killer Maastrichtian

Comments in brackets are my own...

ANATOSAURUS: "Like all those hadrosaurs, they had very curious heads with
large crests."

(Crested Edmontosaurus/Anatotitan?!)

APATOSAURUS: "...is one of the best known and most attractive of dinosaurs."

(Damn I've got the hots for that sauropod!)

             "It evolved at the end of the Triassic Period..."

(<Kenneth Branagh impression>: "Huge herds of Triassic diplodocids!")

DIPLODOCUS: "It too was a giant sauropod and flourished in the swamps and
lagoons at the end of the Triassic Period, 225 million years ago."


GALLIMIMUS: Complete entry = "A very small dinosaur of the Jurassic period."

ICHTHYOSAURUS: Complete entry = "Any individual ichthyosaur."

(can't comment without use of expletives...)

LIZARD: "...any reptile with an elongated body, four legs, a long tail and
a scaly coat."

(okayyyyy...to hell with pygopods, slow-worms and bob-tailed skinks!)

LONGISQUAMA: "...is specially interesting because the impressions these
scales have left leave scientists in little doubt that the scales were the
very first stage of the evolution of feathers."

(hot damn!)

MOSASAUR: "They resembled large fat fishes..."

PACHYRHINOSAURUS: "Pachyrhinosaurus gets its name, one suspects, because of
its similarity to today's rhinocerous"

(My mind is going...I can feel it...)

PHORORACHOS: "Phororachos was a large meat-eating bird which lived towards
the end of the Cretaceous period"

(There's a dog loose in the wood!)

POLACANTHUS: "...and was distinguished from other ankylosaurs by a series
of spikes on its back - not unlike a ceratopsian."

(Yog-Sothoth save me!)

YALEOSAURUS: "Yaleosaurus was a large Jurassic carnosaur, rather similar to

(How will this end???....*IN FIRE!!!*)

Brian Choo