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Re: Moving at the Speed of Rex [was Re: documentarian...]

Minor nitpicks to an otherwise very nice post...

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:

>  Jaques Cuvier

George Cuvier.  Perhaps you were confusing him with Jacques Gauthier?

> Numerous lines of evidence
> suggest rex was a detritivore (carrion-feeder):

To be more specific, make that a scavenger (and in Horner's view an
_obligate_ scavenger incapable of actively pursuing and killing prey).
"Detritivore" is a more general term that includes decomposers such as
fungi and bacteria, which may consume eroded minerals and accumulated
organic debris including feces.

> the
> optic lobes are so incredibly immense relative to the
> rest of the brain,

Make that the "olfactory lobes" (which correspond to the sense of
smell).  They are "nearly as large as the rest of the brain."  See
illustration in June 2000 _National Geographic_, Chris Brochu's article
in April 17 2000 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology Volume 20, Number 1,
and the Field Museum's "Sue" web site.

See also "Jeff's Journal of Paleontology," which includes a couple of
particularly relevant dinosaur mailing list posts by Dr. Thomas R.
Holtz, Jr.  In addition, John R. Hutchinson of U. C. Berkeley has been
modeling _T. rex_ locomotion and presented a talk on the subject at the
recent bird origins conference in China.  His results have not yet been

>   When Brochu publishes his monograph on Sue, we can
> hope that some questions will be settled...

Some questions, yes...

The Discovery Channel video, "The Ultimate _T. rex_," covers the _T.
rex_ behavior debate.  As do the dinosaur mailing list archives.

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com