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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:

> I spent yesterday at Oxford University's Natural History Museum:
> ------SNIP-----
> _There are lifesize high-detail
> models of _Acanthostega_, _Compsognathus_ and _Archaeopteryx_ -
> I forget the name of the artist but his work is well known and much
> publicised (he is best known for his Palaeozoic fish).

I believe that this is the work of Bruce J. Mohn.  See
<www.dinoart.com/pages/update.html> for a glimpse of his _Archaeopteryx
longipes_ reconstructions.  Amazing.

> The museum isn't full of the computerized interactive nonsense that
> most places now spend their money on: it is instead full of dead things,
> which is the way museums should be.


-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com

"Let no man call himself happy who is not dead."