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In a message dated Wed, 12 Jul 2000  2:20:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Tetanurae@aol.com writes:

<<One thing though, from their etymology:

"Etymology-Nqweba (n-KWE-bah), Xhosa for the Kirkwood region..."

So, (un)fortunately, no clicks.>>

Pete et al.:

I am certain this is an approximate pronunciation and that the "q" really does 
signify a click in Xhosa.  It is common practice among English (and Afrikaans?) 
speakers to render click sounds in Zulu and Xhosa words with /k/, whether 
through "spelling pronunciations" or because /k/ is the closest English sound 
to the clicks.

/kw/, like in English "queen", is spelled "kw", as in "KwaZulu" (as in 
KwaZulu-Natal, the southeastern province of South Africa).

Nick P.