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Re: Looking for Dinosaurs in Colorado

John Schneiderman wrote...

>Has there been any dinosaur material found in the county of Larimer,
>Colorado, especially near interstate 25?  Any quarrying sites currently
>being worked?

    Having just moved to Lubbock from Fort Collins, I can tell you a little
bit about the Mesozoic stuff around there, but not much.  Nobody that I know
of is doing any sort of regular work up there.  CSU has no active
paleontology interests.  There has supposedly been fragmentary dinosaur
material taken from the Morrison Formation at Horsetooth Reservoir, and in
road cuts on the roads leading to it from the North off Overland (the same
general route you take from town to Lory State Park).  Bob Bakker's "Monster
from Masonville", a large theropod, came from the Morrison to the south of
Horsetooth and Fort Collins, but that was many years ago and I can't tell
you anything the material or the exact site.  The Morrison is you best bet
for finding dinosaurs up there, as there are no good Triassic fossil beds in
the area and all the Cretaceous stuff is marine, except for possibly some of
the Fox Hills Sandstone.
    If you want to hunt for mosasaurs, there has been material found around
there, which was part of the subject of my SVP poster last October on
Colorado mosasaurs.  In 1996, I described a very nice skull and partial
skeleton of Platecarpus from the Niobrara Chalk far north of town, but the
area it came from is difficult to access, mostly private property.  A
Prognathodon skull was found in the Hygeine sandstone around Berthoud.
There are tons of Niobrara and especially Pierre Shale exposures all along
the front range up there around and on the west side of Fort Collins and
Loveland, although you will certainly have to leave the interstate to get to
them.  Most Colorado mosasaur stuff that has been found is from the Pierre,
but there is probably more vertebrate stuff around there in the Niobrara as
well if more people were looking.

LN Jeff

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