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Re: Sauropod Necks

--- Stanley Friesen <sarima@friesen.net> wrote:

> All well-known animals with long necks use them for
> one purpose - access to 
> elevated food sources.

Are there extant large animals with long necks that
hold their necks horizontally though?  I understand
that the fossil remains of many species of sauropods
very strongly suggest that they were not able to raise
their necks much above a horizontal posture.

What do the neck vertebrae of large tortoises look
like?  Some of them have pretty long necks, although
generally not as long proportionately as sauropod
necks.  If you were looking at fossil tortoise neck
vertebrae, would they look at all like the neck
vertebrae of a sauropod?  

What might this tell us, if anything more than the
fact that this is a stupid question?


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