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Re: [hepatic piston diaphragm]

"Ken Kinman" <kinman@hotmail.com> wrote:
>I would like to read up on any counterarguments against Rubens 
>"hepatic piston diaphragm" hypothesis that purportedly shows that birds 
>can't be theropods.
>Published counterarguments would be okay, but would prefer something 
>online as well, just to get me up to speed on this subject.  Personal 
>opinions either way would also be interesting to hear.
>Thanks, Ken

Here's a link to a list of replies to Ruben's original article over at Jeff's


I certainly find the thought intriguing, but I have yet to see anything
resembling lumbar vertebrae in theropods (there are a couple of ornithopods
that might fit the bill though). 

I never had a chance to read the ref; how did Rubens ever get by this apparent


Jurassosaurus's Reptipage: A page devoted to the study of the reptilia:


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