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Graphic Websites

From: Rachel A Hyde

Hi all

I am currently designing some rubber stamps for a company and wish to do
some dinosaur ones.  I am now looking for a site that has some good graphics
on it showing dinosaurs looking as we now know they would probably have
looked like.  In the past (and in a lot of modern drawings) the way they
were portrayed owed a lot to guesswork and I am anxious to avoid this in my
own work.

Thinking of artwork there was an artist who used to do some wonderfully
dramatic oil paintings of the prehistoric world called Zdenek Burian.  Does
anybody know if he is still working and if there is a website that shows
some of his pictures?  I loved the way his pictures were full of action and
never static; a good thing for rubber stamps that are going to be used for
greetings cards, walls and who knows where else.

As long as they take new discoveries about the way dinos moved and looked of