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Re: transitional fossils

A few comments/questions of my own here...

T. Michael Keesey, among others, wrote:
>Check out the Talk.Origins Transitional Vertebrates at

The "transitions among reptiles" section of that site lists four transitions
within the Dinosauria, all found by Horner et al. (some of which were also
briefly mentioned in _The Complete T. rex_), which sounded very interesting
to me.  They are:

1. "Many transitional ceratopsids between _Styracosaurus_ and
_Pachyrhinosaurus_".  These are quite obviously "transitional taxon A*",
_Einiosaurus_ and _Achelousaurus_.  But from what I have been hearing
recently, although many scientists support the very close relationship of
the latter two to each other and to _Pachyrhino_, they do not agree with the
_Styraco_ interpretation.  Is this indeed the case?  What IS the general
consensus regarding these guys? And have any conclusions been reached
regarding "transitional taxon A*" - i.e. is it _Brachyceratops montanensis_
as has been suggested, or some other already-known-of ceratopsian, or
something new?

2.  "Many transitional lambeosaurids (50! specimens) between _Lambeosaurus_
and _Hypacrosaurus_".  Sounds very interesting, and I think I've heard some
talk on these guys.  Anyone have more information, especially on what most
people have concluded about them?

3.  "A transitional pachycephalosaurid between _Stegoceras_ and
_Pachycephalosaurus_".   Never heard of THIS before!  Anyone have any other
information at all?  (And yes, I know, read the original paper... :)

4.  Finally, "A transitional tyrannosaurid between _Tyrannosaurus_ and
_Daspletosaurus_".  Any updates on what's happening with this?  It sounds
really cool and useful, and the last I heard, it was going to be described
by Holtz, Currie and Varricchio in their "copious free time".  And most
importantly, anyone know where I can find some pictures of it, especially
line drawings of the skull?  (I am already aware of the photos in _Dino
Lives_ and _James Gurney's etc._.)

Thanks in advance, all!


Grant Harding
High school student/amateur paleontologist
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