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Pygostyle: Megalancosaurus paper & online

Hi all,
        since I have received a number of requests asking where  the article on
the new Megalancosaurus specimens will appear, I post the reply to the
entire list:
It will be out by the end of the month on RIVISTA ITALIANA DI PALEONTOLOGIA
E STRATIGRAFIA v. 106 n. 2 (july 2000). 
The abstract  can already be  browsed freely at the following website:


Just click on the abstracts of vol. 106 n. 2.

If someone is interested to know anything more on the new specimens, I will
be happy to share with you the new informations that are now available.


                                Silvio Renesto

"Before being enlightened,   hard work; after enlightenment, hard work"
(Guo Yunshen).

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