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Re: New and improved Bambiraptor

Ok, I knew this was going to get around to biting me on the bum (don't worry Dan, it's ok). I produced the new Bambiraptor skeletal reconstruction for use on an educational website that wants semi-technical information. Because my employer still wants some level of "exclusivity," I'm electing not to post it on a personal webpage. However, I will email a jpeg to anyone who requests one.
I worked closely with the original illustrator on this (Pat Redman), as well as utilizing casts and photos of the bones. The estimation for the braincase volume hasn't changed (at lest not that I'm aware of), but there are indeed some differences in the reconstruction of the skull. The animal most certainly could not fly, as we think of it, and there were no feathers found with the specimen, although I'd hypothesize that they were from phylogenetic inference. AS far as future publication, Most of the authors are in the field at the momment, so communication is limited. Some others on the list may know more about this.

Scott Hartman
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