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Crocodile pubes

    Ken Kinman was asking about references regarding the "hepatic piston" breathing system in crocodilians.   I just got:
Carrier, D. R., & Farmer, C.G. 2000. The evolution of pelvic aspiration in archosaurs.  Paleobiology 26(2) 271-293
This paper also references:
Farmer, C.G., & Carrier, D.R. 2000. Pelvic aspiration in the American alligator (Alligator mississipiensis).  Journal of Experimental Biology.
    Have only skimmed it as of yet, so I can't comment, but the authors claim to have proven in the second paper that the flexible pubis in crocodilians DOES have move and have a role in respiration, contarary to the responses to GS Paul made by Reuben's team in:
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