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Unknown bird

I just got the second edition of the Feduccia bird book and I have a question.
 No, I am not looking to start an argument about dinosaur/bird relationships;
I think we've all agreed to disagree on that point.  In fact, I am asking an
easily answerable question: on page 395 (and this is the second edition, 
there are two nice photographs of a fossolized bird.  The legend under the 
labels them "The oldest enantiornithine bird is a small, toothed creature with
a short snout from the _Confuciusornis_ fauna.  It is being described by Hou,
Martin, Zhou, and Feduccia." This book was revised in 1999, and so is a little
out of date.  My question is this: has that bird been described, yet and what
is its name?