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Darren Naish said:

Recent work by Nick Solounias shows that T1 of _Giraffa_ is actually
a thoracicised (??) C7 and that, somewhere along the way, an extra
cervical has been neomorphed into the series. This seems fairly
sensible given the location of the brachial plexus and characters of the
vertebrae.. it is not a new idea and was proposed in the 1800s. The new
work was published in _J. Zoology_ last year (I think) - Tom Holtz
discussed it here on DML - but Solounias had earlier presented it at an
SVP meeting (96 or 97). Funnily enough, when I asked Kent Stevens
about giraffe cervicals he said "They have eight": at the time, he was
totally unaware of Solounias' work.

I was aware of Solounias' work because I saw his talk at SVP in Chicago, 1997. However, I didn't know what had happened after, so thanks for the update. Has anyone challenged his findings?

Matt Bonnan
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