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Lego Dinos

Chris asks:

>I recently heard a rumor that lego is coming
>out with Lego Dinosaurs! Has anyone seen them?

Aha! At last a question in my field of study!

Four species have been identified so far from the new Lego beds, which
appear to be Cretaceous. There is a huge-headed, big-armed theropod; both
juveniles and adults are seen. Herbivores are represented by a Triceratops
species and a stegosaur with two rows of plates but no tail spikes. There
is also a pterosaur which, from the head crest, appears be a Pteranodon or
closely related species. Smaller fauna in the same deposits includes snakes
of a very modern appearance and spiders and scorpions of huge size. Flora
is rare and resembles nothing known today unless you squint really hard.

No sauropods at all.

However, a sauropod, basically brachiosaurian, has long been known from the
related Duplo deposits. The neck has no lateral flexibility whatsoever, but
exhibits 90 degrees of vertical bend, from straight up to straight out. The
head cannot reach the ground, and the legs are short and inflexible; thus,
the Duplo sauropod (I will not inflict a nomen nudum on the list) was
almost certainly a browser and high-browser, but not a grazer.
Interestingly, juvenile specimens display no neck flexibility at all.

Further research is being carried on with great enthusiasm.

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