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Sauropod ancestry?

In a message dated 07/16/2000 DinoGeorge writes:

<< Early sauropods retain all five functioning pedal digits, whereas in 
prosauropods the fifth digit is reduced, vestigial, or lost (only a splint 
metatarsal V remains). It is extremely unlikely that sauropods re-evolved a 
complete fifth pedal digit from the prosauropod or herrerasaur condition. >>

Therizinosaurids seems to be generally accepted as theropods nowadays. If so, 
doesn't this mean that the reexpression of the fith pedal digit in sauropods 
isn't that unlikely?

In a message dated 06/20/1999 DinoGeorge writes:

<< The difference between segnosaurian feet and theropo-dan feet is that in 
theropods the first toe is strongly reduced (and, I argue, from a pri-mitive 
retroverted condition), whereas in segnosaurians the first toe is enlarged 
and more or less aligned with the other three toes. It is not impossible for 
this condition to evolve from the typical theropodan foot, since the first 
toe is not entirely gone, just pretty unlikely. >>


Heinz Peter Bredow