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eggshells, therizinosaurs & tyrannosaurs

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately our university doesn't have anything by Ken Carpenter except his 1990 book on dinosaur systematics.
But so far, it sounds as though the "ornithoid" eggshell morphology is characteristic of primitive birds (including enantiornithines and living ratites) and the "non-avian" maniraptoran theropods (troodonts and oviraptors, and presumably dromaeosaurs by inference).
Since Therizinosaurs have the primitive dinosauroid eggshells, this seems to support Sereno's exclusion of that group from Maniraptora. If Sereno is correct in placing tyrannosaurs as the immediate outgroup of the Maniraptora (sensu stricto), then tyrannosaur eggshells could be primitive, ornithoid, or something in between (transitional).
What are the odds that tyrannosaur eggs will be discovered anytime soon, and any guesses how big their eggs would be? Maybe canteloupe-sized? Or if oblong, perhaps more like a very large potato? Or am I thinking too small?
-------Ken Kinman

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