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RE: eggshells, therizinosaurs & tyrannosaurs

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Ken Kinman wrote:

> >You mean "sensu Sereno".  Maniraptora sensu stricto is "modern birds and all
> >taxa closer to modern birds than to Ornithomimidae": see Gauthier 1986.
>      I just meant that Maniraptora "sensu Sereno" is "sensu stricto" (in the 
> least inclusive sense), whereas "sensu Gauthier" would be sensu lato (a more 
> inclusive sense, at least using Sereno's phylogeny).
>       Sereno does not seem to follow Gauthier's definition of Maniraptora, 
> and instead uses a new clade name, Tyrannoraptora.

Actually, Tyrannoraptora is a node-defined group (_Tyrannosaurus_ +
Neornithes), while Maniraptora is stem-defined (Neornithes <--

Tyrannoraptora may be a subclade of Maniraptora, or it may be a junior
heterodefinitional synonym of Maniraptoriformes, or it may include
Maniraptoriformes. I've seen phylogenies all three ways.

> Apparently another case of cladistic disunity on what definitions to
> use!!??

According to my observations, Sereno doesn't have much respect for
priority (even his own), eponymity, or the possibility that someone else's
phylogeny might be more correct.

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