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Re: eggshells, therizinosaurs & tyrannosaurs

I realize what I wrote earlier might come off as a slur against Sereno,
and so I had better qualify my observations ...

> > According to my observations, Sereno doesn't have much respect for
> > priority

One example was what sparked these comments. He defined Maniraptora as a
node-based group after it had already been defined as a stem-based group.
(I do think that node deserves a name.)

> > (even his own)

IIRC, he replaced Cerapoda with the name Neornithischia.

> > eponymity

IIRC (again -- sorry, I'm away from any literature), he anchored
Ceratosauroidea with _Coelophysis_. This makes it so _Ceratosaurus_ is not
necessarily a ceratosauroid.

>, or the possibility that someone else's phylogeny might be more correct.

He created a node-stem triplet of Ornithomimoidea and its two subclades,
Alvarezsauridae and Ornithomimidae. Under more conventional phylogenies
(where _Alvarezsaurus_ is an avialan), his Alvarezsauridae becomes
equivalent to Maniraptora (by the original definition, not his),
Ornithomimoidea becomes equivalent to Maniraptoriformes, and
Ornithomimidae becomes equivalent to Arctometatarsalia (and, incidentally,
also to Ornithomimosauria _sensu_ Sereno).

I'm not trying to personally attack anyone but I do strongly disagree with
many (but not all) of Sereno's practices with regard to phylogenetic

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