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RE: eggshells, therizinosaurs & tyrannosaurs

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Jaime A. Headden wrote:

>   Sereno has not coined a new definition, and it would
> probably be ignored if he did.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm away from any literature, but I could *swear*
he (re)defined Maniraptora as (_Oviraptor_ + Neornithes).
>   Sereno's Tyrannoraptora corresponds to "all taxa
> sharing a most recent common ancestor with
> *Tyrannosaurus* and birds, and all descendants of that
> ansector".
> Thus, Tyrannoraptora includes Maniraptora

It includes Maniraptora _sensu_ Sereno (the node-defined group), but it is
actually *included by* Maniraptora _sensu_ Gauthier/Holtz (the
stem-defined group), according to Sereno's phylogeny (if not according to
his definitions).

In Holtz's phylogeny, Tyrannoraptora is a junior synonym of
Maniraptoriformes, and therefore includes Maniraptora (either sense).

In another phylogeny (was it Sues'??? I can't wait until I start including
references on my site ...) wherein Tyrannosauroidea is an outgroup to
Maniraptoriformes, Tyrannoraptora includes Maniraptoriformes (and
therefore Maniraptora, again, either sense).

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