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Re: Tarbosaurus?

>Tarbosaurus efremovi specimens outnumber Jenghizkhan
>bataar specimens by about 15 to 3. If T. efremovi is a juvenile or subadult
>of a larger species, why are most of the specimens of this species
>and subadults, throughout all of the Mongolian Upper Cretaceous? How many
>juvenile or subadult Tyrannosaurus rex specimens are there in North
>How about Gorgosaurus, Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus?

     I though there were strange numerical biases favoring Tarbosaurus
preservation in the Nemegt Formation anyway, with roughly equal high numbers
of Saurolophus angustirostris and Tarbosaurus bataar, where most other
species are only known from single specimens (this is just citing
Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs).  If preservation of tyrannosaurs is so much more
favored in the Nemegt Formation then in North America, why can't you get
unusually better preservation of juvenile mortality as well?

LN Jeff

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