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Re: Rio Limay fauna

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000 14:20:47  
 Jordan Mallon wrote:
>>From: Joshua Dyal <raolin@rocketmail.com>
>>I've been trying to get an overview of what all was around in the Rio
>>Limay fauna.  I know, of course, Giganotosaurus and I know
>>Rebbachisaurus, and that Argentinosaurus was also found there (although
>>not necessarily along with the other two.)  What else has been found
>Isn't that unnamed giant carnosaur family from there too?  I'm really 
>getting anxious to hear more about them.

I heard (from somebody, I don't remember) that Coria was scheduled to speak 
somewhere in California (at the U of C at Davis, possibly??) about this new 
specimen.  The talk was either scheduled for today or yesterday.

Did anybody attend this?  Does anybody know what he announced?  And, when 
Currie first announced the discovery of this specimen he said it would be named 
by the autumn months of this year.  Does anyone know when the paper is 
scheduled for?


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