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Re: Rio Limay fauna

In a message dated 7/21/00 6:27:13 PM EST, dinoland@lycos.com writes:

<< I heard (from somebody, I don't remember) that Coria was scheduled to 
speak somewhere in California (at the U of C at Davis, possibly??) about this 
new specimen.  The talk was either scheduled for today or yesterday.>>

Yes, Coria spoke at UCSD in La Jolla. Tracy Ford and I were there.
<< Did anybody attend this?  Does anybody know what he announced?  And, when 
Currie first announced the discovery of this specimen he said it would be 
named by the autumn months of this year.  Does anyone know when the paper is 
scheduled for? >>

Coria mentioned November and promised that the name of the new theropod would 
be simpler to pronounce than Giganotosaurus. There are about 400 isolated 
bones in a wholly monospecific bonebed representing at least six individuals 
of different sizes, of which the largest rivals or even exceeds 
Giganotosaurus. He showed slides of a few of the bones, and suggested that 
this burial might represent a family group annihilated by a single disaster 
of some kind, rather than an accumulation of material over time (single 
bedding plane, absolutely no other vertebrate fossils in the locality).